Teachings of Islam about the Muslim character in the following list:

Be truthful in everything, dont lie.
Be sincere and straightforward, dont be hypocritical.
Be honest, dont be corrupt.
Be humble, dont be boastful.
Be moderate, dont be excessive.
Be reserved, dont be garrulous.
Be soft-spoken, dont be loud.
Be refined and gentle in speech, dont curse and use foul language.
Be loving and solicitous to others, dont be unmindful of them.
Be considerate and compassionate, dont be harsh.
Be polite and respectful to people, dont be insulting or disrespectful.
Be generous and charitable, dont be selfish and miserly.
Be good natured and forgiving, dont be bitter and resentful.
Share and be content with what Allah has given you, dont be greedy.
Be cheerful and pleasant, dont be irritable and morose.
Be chaste and pure, dont be lustful.
Be alert and aware of the world around you, dont be absent-minded.
Be dignified and decent, dont be graceless.
Be optimistic and hopeful, dont be cynical or pessimistic.
Be confident and have deep faith, dont be doubtful and wavering.
Be spiritually oriented and not materialistic.
Be confident of the mercy of Allah, dont be despairing and lose heart.
Be diligent and vigilant of your duties, dot be negligent.
Be thankful to Allah and constantly pray to Him, dont be forgetful of His innumerable blessings.

, "The love of Allah is the axis around which all good revolves." If you fall in love with Allah, and then strive to be true in your love--in accordance with the way of the Beloved of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace), then you'll find nothing but increasing light and contentment in your life.

And Allah alone gives success.



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