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WE at "Islamic Teachings" have some great articles on Islam and video's for everyone to read and watch, we will be posting some links each and every two weeks for you to come and see the forum and to learn much more about authentic Islam, we ask you to add our forum link on your facebook page and to forward our link to all on your email contacts list, also tell your friends and family of us, we are here to help you with answering any questions you have and to give you support...Muslims and Non Muslims welcome.

IslamicTeachings Quran Audio And Recitation

Sahih Bukhari Hadith Collection

Lives Of The Prophets Lounge

Make Dua Site

KIWI MUSLIM (Founder) On YouTube - My Reversion Story...

Free Islamic Avatars - Wallpapers - Icons Lounge

How To Pray In Islam

Common Islamic Phrases You Need To Know...

What you should do in the following situations...

A Beautiful Dua From Only 2 Words

2 Verses From the End of Chapter ((Al Baqara)) suffices you

Al-Istighfaar (Seeking Repentance)

Importance of Ethics (Akhlaq)

The Seven Under the Shade of Allah (SWT)

Ten Things We Waste

Love for Allah's sake


Riyad Us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous) (Read Online)

Can we Prove Quran is From God?

Jesus' blood on the cross?

Glad Tidings to Those Who believe in Allah (SWT)

Who was Muhammad? (SAW)

How to explain the rights of women in Islam to non-Muslims?

Salat. Whats your Excuse??

The error of terror

BBC:growing number of white people in UK who are converting

Ten useless matters

There Are So Many Faiths. Why Should We Follow Only Islam?

The Reward in Store for Followers of Jesus

Reasons for Muslims not doing "Dawah"

Vast Difference Between Islam and Muslims?

Dawah - An Obligation

The Importance of Social Interaction

When Men of Faith become Corrupt

Alluring Comforts

Veil and the Women

Invite Non-Muslims to open their hearts/minds towards Islam

Free Applications For Your Computer

And So Much More For You To See And Learn From...Bring Everyone You Know Here....We Are Here To help You 24/7.



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