Grow Your Beard..!

Imagine a person who by shaving his beard chooses the appearance other than that of Rasulullah Sal Allahu alahi wasalam, and visualise that if this person has to die in this state - and the moment of death is not known to anyone - then when he is placed in his grave he will first be shown the countenance of Prophet Sal Allahu Alahi Wasalam. How will this Muslim then be able to face Rasullullah Sal Allahu Alahi Wasalam when his appearance is contradictory to what it should have been.

'Amongst the fitrat (Deen) of Islam is the cutting of the moustache and the lengthening of the beard for surely the Majoos (fire worshippers) lengthen their moustaches and cut their beards so oppose them by cutting your moustaches and lengthening your beards'.

“Ibn `Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, quoted the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as saying: “Be distinguished from disbelievers, grow your beards, and shave your mustaches.”

What we stated above makes it clear that no Muslim should take the issue of the beard lightly. At the same time, we must also state categorically that one should not conclude from what has been said earlier that growing a beard in Islam has the same religious significance as that of the other prescribed rituals. This is definitely not the case. Thus it is important for us to recognize that we are not allowed to ostracize men who do not have beards nor are we to question their basic faith. Since beard is undoubtedly a great Sunnah, every Muslim male should try to practice this Sunnah according to the best of his ability



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