5 Good Actions before going to Sleep by Rasulullah (saw)

One Time Rasulullah (saw) says to Amirul Mumineen (a.s.)
"Always done 5 action before going to sleep" :
  1. Do Sadqa of 4000 (four thousand) Dinnar
  2. Finish One Quran Masjid
  3. Pay the Value of Jannat
  4. Do Compromise between two person
  5. Finish One Hajj
Moula Ali (a.s.) says in answer, "Aai Rasulullah, these are very difficult, How can I do these?"
Rasulullah (saw) Says don't worry, do these :

  1. Read 4 times "Surae Fateha" [Alhamd surat], this is equal to Sadqa of 4000 Dinnar
  2. Read 3 times "Surate Ikhlas" [Qul Hovallah surat], this is equal for Finishing One Quram Masjid
  3. Read 3 times with Sincerity "Salwat", this is equal to Value of Jannat
  4. Do Tasbih Ten times of "Astagferullah", this is equal for compromising between two person
  5. Read 4 times with Love & Sincerity 'Kalematu-s-Shahadat' this is equal for Finishing One Hajj



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